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Powered by Benefits Sciences Technologies using the most sophisticated applied mathematics tools to design the best plans possible.

Sundial Analytics monitors key performance indicators and adjusts strategies as needed.

Once we have executive endorsement, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Whatever your needs as a company are we can create the most cost effective benefit plan modeling for you. 

Where Benefits meets Science 

The Future of Big Data in Benefits Management

We use software powered by Benefits Science Technologies. Our optimization models were developed by professors in applied mathematics at MIT. Algorithms created at MIT produce some of the most advanced predictive modeling available. Through this superior data processing, the future of healthcare benefits promises better cost controls for employers and a more personal experience for  employees.


  • Total Plan Management
  • Benefits Optimization
  • Cost Prediction
  • Medical Outcome Prediction
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Plan Modeling
  • ​Cash Flow Audits

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Benefits optimization

Plan design

Plan modeling

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